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117 When Not To Do Root Chakra Meditation

April 30, 2022 Krish Murali Eswar Season 1 Episode 117
Krish Murali Eswar's Heaven Inside
117 When Not To Do Root Chakra Meditation
Show Notes

 When not to do Shanthi meditation?

Our brain functions in four frequencies

Beta 14-40 cps
Active, Emotional

Alpha 8-13 cps
Calm, Peaceful, Sleep with Dreams

Theta 4-7 cps
Deep Sleep

Delta 0.5-3 cps
Coma Stage

When we do shanthi meditation, our brain functions at high alpha and low beta frequency. 14 to 17 cps.

Remember it cannot go below high alpha during Shanthi meditation.

Shanthi meditation helps to transmute spiritual energy into physical biomagnetic energy.

Our mind begins to relate to the bodily sensations.

You need to avoid shanthi and do higher level meditation for certain reasons.

Here are reasons not to do Shanthi meditation:

1. When you wish to reach alpha, theta and delta frequencies.
2. To cleanse the genetic center of contamination such as ego, illusion, and sin imprints.
3. To overcome negative thinking and build positive thinking
To remove unwanted desires
To prevent and neutralize anger
To eradicate worries.
4. To superimpose positive imprints over negative imprints.
Thuriya meditation helps to introspect and superimpose.
5. To purify yourself and realise the truth.
6. To harmonise yourself with the universal energy.
7. To merge with the almighty state and attain samadhi.
8. To increase the brain power.
9. To increase concentration powers.
10. To develop intuition.
11. To develop perspicacity. To think like a sage.
12. To practice detachment.
13. To avoid emotional disturbances.
14. To think positively, speak positively, and act positively.
15. To practice silence.

With these 15 reasons in mind, learn and practice higher level kundalini meditation.

Reach out to a sky yoga center to learn simplified kundalini meditation.

Never ignore doing Shanthi meditation at least one day in a week.

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