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118 How to Stop the Mental Chatter using Kundalini Yoga?

April 30, 2022 Krish Murali Eswar Season 1 Episode 118
Krish Murali Eswar's Heaven Inside
118 How to Stop the Mental Chatter using Kundalini Yoga?
Show Notes

Mind is like a monkey.

You cannot control your mind.

If you attempt to control it, it will jump here and there.

It will leave your total control.

It will leave you chaos to handle.

Mind has to be understood.

If you try to understand, mind will come to your control.

If you would like to stop the chatter in your mind, you should never try to control it.

Try to understand it.

How do you understand your mind?

Follow these steps.

1. Sit down in silence. Tell yourself you are not going to talk.
2. Sit down and do meditation at Sahasrara Chakra for 20 minutes.
3. Take down your diary and a pen.
4. In Silence, continue to keep your mind at Sahasrara Chakra and listen to your mind.
5. As your mind starts to talk, write down the thoughts. Remember that in silence, God will speak through you.
If you keep quiet, your mind will talk to you. It will tell you so many things that you have to resolve.
6. Take each thought one at a time and ask yourself the following questions
7. Qn. 1: What is the origin of your thought?
There could be six origins of thoughts
a) Need. 
b) Habit. 
c) Environment. 
d) Other's impositions. 
e) Genetic. 
f) Divinity. 
I am hungry. I think I should eat
I am used to eating at this time. I think I should eat
I love the food in the mall. I think I should eat
My friends instigate me to eat. I think I should eat
For generations, people have eaten this at home. I think I should eat
I want to live healthily to serve humanity. I think I should eat heathy
8. Qn. 2: Will this thought hurt me or others?
9. Qn. 3: Will this thought hurt physically or mentally?
10. Qn. 4: Will this thought hurt now or in the future?
11. Come to a conclusion. Is the thought moral or not? positive or negative?

A thought that does not hurt anyone physically or mentally, now or in the future is a positive thought
What do I do if I have negative thoughts?
You cannot stop thinking
You can stop negative thinking
Choose a positive thought to replace the negative thought
Find the positive thought
Go to Thuriya chakra
Remain at the Alpha frequency between 8 and 13 cps
Take a strong affirmation with the positive thought
Keep superimposing the positive thought in place of the negative thought
In due course of time, the mind will stop it's chatter
Mind will stop negative thinking
Mind will remain positive
Mind will remain peaceful
I hope this simple process helps you to practice introspection in silence
Practice Sahasrara meditation in SKY system

Choose one hour a day
8 hours a week
15 days in a year
Sit in silence
Introspect and meditate
Overcome non-stop chatter of negative thinking
Build positive thinking
Remain in silence
Enjoy the bliss

Be Blessed by the Divine!
Krish Murali Eswar. 

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