Krish Murali Eswar's Heaven Inside

180 The Ultimate Purpose of Kundalini Yoga

August 12, 2023 Krish Murali Eswar Season 1 Episode 180
Krish Murali Eswar's Heaven Inside
180 The Ultimate Purpose of Kundalini Yoga
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The Ultimate Purpose of Kundalini Yoga

Some time ago, a young aspirant of Kundalini Yoga came seeking guidance and wisdom in the beautiful ashram of Aliyar Temple of Consciousness nestled in the mountains. As a Kundalini Yoga master, it was my role to impart knowledge to those who sought it, to guide them on their spiritual journey. The audience gathered around me was eager to learn about the purpose of Kundalini Yoga and the secrets it held for the soul's liberation.

My dear spiritual partner, Kundalini Yoga, is a sacred practice key to unlocking the shackles that bind our souls. To attain true liberation, two essential aspects must be tended to. First, we must neutralize our attachment to material enjoyment and find ourselves content. Second, the impressions of our sins must be obliterated, freeing us from the burdens that weigh upon our spirits. Kundalini Yoga serves as a pathway towards achieving these objectives, as it provides all the necessary tools and opportunities to enhance our esoteric awareness.

The purpose of Kundalini Yoga does not merely end with developing soul consciousness. As we embark on this journey of self-discovery, we must not neglect the well-being of our physical bodies. To maintain a proper state of being, we must fulfill two conditions. Firstly, we must satisfy the needs that arise from our appetite, changes in atmospheric conditions, and the excretory forces of the body. Secondly, we must guard against the malfunctioning of our human system, the enmity of other living beings, and the wrath of natural disasters.

To fulfill the conditions of life, we must understand the laws of Nature, the patterns of the society in which we live, and the sentiments of the individuals around us. Kundalini Yoga acts as a guiding light, enabling us to harmonize our duties with the laws of Nature and the conventions of society. It empowers us to lead successful lives, finding satisfaction and peace by sharpening our intellect, cultivating constant awareness, strengthening our will, streamlining our minds, and basing our behavior on moral values.

Dear spiritual partner, it is crucial to recognize that mind and body functions are interdependent. Therefore, equal attention must be given to both the spiritual and material aspects of our being. Kundalini Yoga provides a well-balanced and perfect process for achieving success and peace in life. It bestows us the benefits needed to navigate through the intricacies of existence.

So, my dear spiritual partner, let us continue to explore the depths of Kundalini Yoga and unlock the boundless potential that lies dormant within us all. Let us strive for liberation, contentment, and harmonious existence in this vast universe.

Let me inspire you with this Ode to Kundalini Yoga

Oh dear spiritual partners, lend me your ears,
As I, a humble master, share with you the purpose of Kundalini Yoga.
In this sacred practice, lies the key to liberation,
And the path to eternal bliss and salvation.

For the soul to be truly free,
Two things are essential, as you shall see.
First, attachment to material enjoyment must be neutralized,
Contentment achieved, and desires tranquilized.

Secondly, impressions of sins must be erased,
The slate wiped clean, and the soul embraced.
To achieve these objectives, soul consciousness is a must,
And Kundalini Yoga is the tool we trust.

Through the practice of Yoga, we find,
Opportunities to improve our esoteric mind.
We learn to find satisfaction in worldly pleasure,
While detaching ourselves from its grip, a treasure.

But the benefits of Yoga extend beyond the soul alone,
For the physical body, too, deserves to be known.
To maintain its well-being, two conditions must be met,
Satisfying its needs and guarding against threats.

A deep understanding of Nature's laws we must seek,
To fulfill the body's needs and keep it at its peak.
We must navigate society's patterns and conventions,
And respect the sentiments of our fellow humans.

Yoga, dear spiritual partners, is the guiding light,
To harmonize our duties and live life right.
It sharpens our intellect, cultivates constant awareness,
Strengthens our will and fosters moral fairness.

Mind and body, intertwined they remain,
Both deserve equal attention; they sustain.
In this pursuit, Kundalini Yoga is supreme,
Balancing our spiritual and material dream.

So, dear spiritual partners, I implore you to see,
The beauty and purpose of Kundalini Yoga, set yourself free.
For in this practice lies success and peace,
A life well-lived, where all troubles cease.

Embrace the path of Kundalini Yoga, my dear,
And find liberation, joy, and purpose sincere.
May your soul awaken, your spirit soar,
With Kundalini Yoga, forever.

Be Blessed by the Divine!
Krish Murali Eswar.